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The training continues. I licked it clean and ran after a bath and rubbed his back. When she left, I was able to enter because this is a slave. I was in the hot bubbles are so satisfied and happy. I heard the phone ringing and my speech teacher. yutuvu 'No, you can not do well tonight, to be honest, because the girls here, I have told yutuvu you.. Uh huh, oh training is going well, she's beautiful, is not a violent blow at all' ' well, that 's fine, ' I thought, as I asked, and I could not hear anything else. A few minutes later, my master bought me a cup of coffee and suggested I left the bathroom and told me things he had left on the clothing of the bed. So I rubbed the lotion all over my body, my makeup on it, my hair and went to take a look. The room was beautiful, simply equipped, but looking face and very tasteful furniture. I got black stilettos. The necklace was yutuvu in bed so with a bit of difficulty to adhere to. So there was a small team of black leather and silver chains, consisting of a bra and skirt type. ' As a slave, ' was my first thought, then I'm at a loss how to hold all the buckles and fit. My teacher came up and helped me so I thanked him and asked him to forgive me so slowly. short in my career and took me to the yutuvu kitchen and said, 'Well, we have to eat, and I do not think he wants to go well, so you better be able to act as a yutuvu slave and cook for us. I will take care you. ' In fact, he would have organized everything from the supermarket and it was just a case of assembling the food, a couple of things appear on the oven and so on, leaning back with me and stroked yutuvu my body and kissed me all over the time. We sat at the bar, lit by dim lights and candles, and ate, drank wine and talked, as we did. ' If it sounds, I want to answer them,' he said. 'It becomes a friend of mine, g is theOing to help with their education. ' ' Yes master, 'I replied,' and what do I do? 'I learned that my head submissively was low, closed the door, with my second master my advantage and then ask to inspect to see if it is likely to give pleasure. I was the second man ' Sir 'name I was told then that the laundry sink, remove the bowl of strawberries in the room yutuvu and put it on the coffee table, kneel at yutuvu the table waiting for further instructions. that's what I did. After a few few minutes the doorbell rang and went to answer. Lord My friend was in a similar age, tall and strong. whistled softly when I put the head in his hand and asked me to inspect... surrounded me, stroking my breasts, one hand slid between my legs and stroked my slit, which is already very wet, he slipped a finger inside me I kept my eyes averted, it seemed, but my eyelashes at him and said softly, 'no I feel like it, sir? ' playfully hit my ass, I saidshameless whore and told me to take him to yutuvu my master. My teacher told me to pour a glass of wine by his friend, so I did, and knelt to offer. Meanwhile, my teacher was shackled and tied around the ankles. ' What do you mean,' asked his companion: 'Should we turn on the table for us by the wrists to the table leg band, then a separator bar between her ankles ? ' Agreement it s a jaw hit him blindfolded. But it was not too excited about the idea of ​​a joke, so I rubbed provocatively against my Lord and said, 'No please, gag Master' with the word in your ear. He winked at me and said. 'Do not gag, I listen to my slaves moan with pleasure,' Before I had to undress shackles, so I have a slow, caressing her body, rubbing my breasts in his against, licking and teasing their erect penises with my shaved pussy. Then my master of chains attached to the spreader bar, forced my legs,leaning over a desk and held his arms on his hind legs with yutuvu cuffs and scarves. They tied a scarf tightly around my eyes, which also dampened my ear. Now he was at his mercy. yutuvu At first I felt the cold wet rubs some lube on me, put a butt plug in the ass with a feeling of sorrow which was part of pure pleasure. The tongue licked me gently around my clitoris yutuvu in a way more attractive. Fingers playing yutuvu with my nipples harder, gently, until she moaned of pleasure desperate to be fucked. I started to beg, but she laughed. One of them pushed his erect penis in his mouth, he had limited movement, so that until I fucked my face until I almost drowned, and the rest teased me with a vibrator. I managed to get his head and gasped with joy and hit by yutuvu the waves of orgasm feel if my ass was. ' Enough, you bitch! We yutuvu have not said no yet come. ' knew it was wrong of me and was going to be punished, but I could notAsked him to come help me. I slapped him again. My hands were free and I am in a kneeling position on the floor. ' Sorry, sir,' I apologized, 'Please, please forgive me took me, gave me such joy. ' ' Yes, you forget your place, your goal is a pleasure for us,' complained to my master. took a pot with the chocolate, which is used in a small pot - had placed a candle warmer. She then melted chocolate on my nipples and sucked out, popping strawberries into the chocolate, the stranger in my mouth. Then, sir, put some chocolate on the tip of the tail and pulled my example, so with some difficulty to lick him scrambled eggs, takes place after a feed. I moved my attention and my teacher chocolate, alternating taps, a pleasure with the hand and the other with the mouth. ' This is better ' my teacher encouraged me, ' they begin to learn to think of us. ' I opened chocoend on my nipples and gave my master to suck them and rub my nipples courted hard, grinding my mound of it, though moving in the bar was very awkward. Finally, my teacher asked his friend what kind of DP should. I was a little nervous, but she wanted to please stay so calm. Lord was on the carpet to relax in a condom, and I fell with him, my wet pussy slides over it, although it was very well equipped. My teacher knelt behind me and pulled the butt plug stuck commenting on how beautiful my ass was, and tucked inside me. I screamed in pain before pleasure, because both set in motion, it was amazing
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